Painting and basing, scenery and terrain

A few more bases

I’ve added another village base to the total. These are Pendraken buildings, nominally 10mm, but about the same size as the Mura miniatures ones. Oshiro Models are bringing out a long-awaited range of 6mm buildings soon, which will hopefully be Baccus-compatible.

Also, there’s another ‘bushidan’ unit. These units have as many figures as the sonae units for the Big Battle game, so progress is a bit slow. I’m not too far away from having enough to try them out on the table with the small battle rules however. Again, these are the 3D printed figures from Project Wargaming, with mounted figures by Baccus.


4 thoughts on “A few more bases”

  1. Both the figures and village look superb. The variety of figures is particularly effective and I think works better than the more regimented Baccus look (even though the latter are lovely figures).

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