6mm Bamboo Forest

Quick guide to making 6mm bamboo. It does require a static grass applicator however.

The method is pretty straight forward. Do the grass edge first, here it’s 2mm Mininatur grass:

Then add a 4-6mm layer of grass. This is Serious Play Farmyard Winter:

When this is dry, brush glue over the top of the grass. I normally use a flock cement or tacky glue for static grass, but that’s too thick for the next layers, so I’ve used PVA with a bit of water, applied with a soft brush. The glue surface looks like this:

Then apply the next layer of 4-6mm grass.

When that’s dry add another layer. As you do each layer, use a cocktail stick or similar to push the grass upright at the edges.

3rd layer:

Again, tidy up the edges by pushing the grass upright and trim off any wild bits with scissors. Then add the final layer:

I’m not sure how high you could go before it becomes unmanageable, but I stopped here. Leave to dry and then the final step is brushing PVA over the top and the upper third or so of the sides and applying scenic scatter. I’m not sure what this stuff is, just found it in a drawer. When that’s dried, you can mix up some PVA, water and a drop of washing up liquid in a dropper bottle and drip the mix onto the foliage to toughen it up a bit and prevent any shedding.