Guns, shot and powder

I recently came across an article by historian Hirayama Masaru, contrasting the usage of guns at Nagashino by the Oda and Takeda. The upshot of his thesis is that the Oda advantage in guns was not just in the quantity of the weapons themselves, but also in the quantity of shot and gunpowder. Simply put,… Continue reading Guns, shot and powder


Campaign Resources: Population

Following on from the list of income by province, here’s a map showing an estimation of Japan’s population distribution around the time of the Sengoku. Most board games or campaigns tend to treat each province as being equal, which can make those daimyō who controlled many provinces that may have been relatively poor and/or low… Continue reading Campaign Resources: Population

Battle reports

The Battle of Shōryūjijō, a campaign game.

I’ve returned to the campaign being generated by the board game ‘A Most Dangerous Time,’ which I wrote a bit about here. This time it was the Battle of Shōryūjijō. It is 1571 and Hosokawa Fujitaka is besieged in his castle of Shōryūjijō by the Miyoshi under Miyoshi Nagayasu. An Oda force under Takigawa Kazumasu… Continue reading The Battle of Shōryūjijō, a campaign game.