Tenka Fubu Army Generator

I've added a simple army generator to the downloads section. I made one ages ago for Tenkatoitsu, but hadn't got around to making one for Tenka Fubu. I should say that I haven't actually used it as I tend to generate armies 'by feel' for specific battles or scenarios, so there may be a lot… Continue reading Tenka Fubu Army Generator

Battle reports, Rules

The Battle of Inō with Ningen Gojūnen

I’ve finally got around to getting some figures on the table to have a go at my small battles rules Ningen Gojūnen and try out some changes I want to make to them. The battle is the Battle of Inō, 1556, which I’ve talked a bit about before. It’s a battle that’s described in a… Continue reading The Battle of Inō with Ningen Gojūnen

Painting and basing, Rules

Modelling ‘Retainer Bands’ on the Tabletop

In a previous post, I tried to describe the process of the development of weapon groups (usually termed ‘kumi’) within sonae, where previously warriors all fought around their feudal lord, regardless of what weapons they were armed with. Wargames rules usually struggle with the latter type, it is much easier to model a unit of men… Continue reading Modelling ‘Retainer Bands’ on the Tabletop