6mm rice paddies

A quick guide to making 6mm rice paddies.

The fields are based on 10cm square mdf. First, some peasants are glued to the base. These are GHQ 1/285 Vietnamese civilians, the closest thing I could find to Japanese peasants. Then the banks are created by painting them in with PVA and scattering sand. When this is dry, a second coat of glue and sand is then applied.

Then the whole base is given a base coat with Roman Stone emulsion.

The banks are then dry-brushed with a sand colour, and the fields themselves are painted with Vallejo Dark Earth.

The whole base is then given a wash of watered-down Army Painter Oak Brown

When this is dry, the fields are given a coat of PVA, followed by 2 coats of gloss varnish.

Static grass is then applied to the banks. A static grass applicator is used here to get the grass to ‘stand up.’ The grass is 2mm Mininatur Early Fall.

Finally, glue is carefully applied in dots and lines to make the rice crops. Again an applicator is used to apply a contrasting colour of grass. In this case, Mininatur Spring Green

The six fields so far.