A 6mm village base

A step-by-step guide to making a Japanese village base in 6mm.

The finished base.

A 10cm square mdf base, with 3 of Mura Miniatures Japanese buildings. The low fence is made from plastic sweeping brush bristles inserted into holes drilled in the mdf and thin card. The high bamboo fence is made from the same plastic bristles. The washing line is 2 plastic bristles with a notch cut in the top. The line is made with some cotton with bits of sticky label for the washing.

First coat of paint on the fences. Some GHQ Vietnamese peasants have to stand in for Japanese villagers. The pond area is given a wash of darker brown and a fringe of green around the edges. Some thin orange lines are painted on to give the impression of carp 

The villagers are glued down as is the finished bamboo fence. A piece of thin clear acetate is put over the pond.

Two crates from some WW2 stowage are added, and the whole base is given a coat of PVA and a sprinkling of sand.

The base is painted brown, dry-brushed sand and then given a wash of dark brown.

Finally, a layer of 2mm static grass is applied and a few trees added.